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No Equity does not mean No Solutions!

Short Sale Specialists-

We provide solutions to California homeowners with or without  home equity.


Your personal pre-foreclosure assessment is FREE and there is no obligation for California homeowners exploring their short sale options.  There is never a cost to the homeowner for our services


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If you owe more than the appraised value of your home, we may be able to assist you on your way to a new financial beginning! You Can Sell Your Home!  We are experienced negotiators when it comes to homeowners who may have already


1-      Experienced hurdles when trying to make mortgage payments on time

2-      Faced hardships with adjusting interest rates and decreasing property value

3-      Wanted to sell their home but thought they couldn't because they owed more than the value

3-      Thought about selling or even surrendering their home to foreclosure in order to get relief from   rising payments


Regardless of what you may have been told in the past, we implore you to contact us TODAY by completing the short form to the left or phone 800-546-2289, or e-mail us  by clicking here for your FREE professional, confidential and courteous consultation. We will explain your rights, detail your options and provide you with solutions.  The longer we wait the more difficult it will be to negotiate with the bank.


A homeowner who relies on an inexperienced agent to to handle a short sale may be putting the success of the transaction at risk.  To be clear, there are very specific processes your lender will want followed, and if your agent is not familiar, the chance of success may be jeopardized. When you contact us, you will be assigned to a professional that has EXPERIENCE and SUCCESS in short sales. Click here for addition information.



California Short Sale Specialists!